Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some aspects of our service have changed. Please see our update for more information. 

Housing Related Support

Referrals, Assessments and Applications

All referrals for housing are made by the North East Lincolnshire Homeless Team and you will need to contact them first. If you would like to call us first we can complete the referral to the Homeless Team for you.

Houses are reserved for people with children. Some single-parents or young couples may be offered a flat if the baby has not been born yet and there is time to move to a house when the baby comes. We also have ground-floor flats that are suitable for new families.

Flats are subject to affordability and an assessment of need that makes living in a flat the right option. A single person who is not working and in receipt of a standard UC allowance would not normally be offered a flat.

Until further notice our drop-in centre is closed. Our advice and guidance service remains available over telephone, email, text or Facebook messenger. 

We do not give tenancies to 16 or 17 year olds for flats or houses unless you are expecting or you already have a child. If you are under 18 and need housing we will complete a referral to Children’s Services to request that they carry out a Child in Need Assessment. This is also called a Section 17 Assessment. This assessment will help to decide, along with the Homeless Team, which housing option is right for you. 

If you are being assessed for housing and support, and have provided all the relevant information, we will then process your application. It can take at least 1-2 weeks before a decision is made. If you are accepted we will arrange for you to view the room or property and then arrange a moving-in day. Supported tenants will have a Coach to help get you ready. 

If you have filled out an application form for a General Needs property, the process is the same except you do not have a Coach. When there are no vacancies, applications stay on a waiting list. 

A criminal record does not automatically mean that we would not offer you housing. We assess each situation on its own merit and gather supporting information to help us make a decision.

Having a ‘local connection’ determines if we can offer you support and/or housing. This means having lived in the area for a minimum amount of time, having a family connection or permanent work in the area.

For a full explanation of the term please visit the Shelter website.


To start with you can call us on our temporary mobile phone number, email us or message is through Facebook.  We can offer information, advice and guidance on your housing situation and if needed we can refer you to the Homeless Team.

Our Pasture Street centre and drop-in service is closed until further notice. All information, advice and guidance is available via telephone, email, text or Facebook messenger. This is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Support can last for up to 18 months. It is possible to have the support for longer if you are moving from one service to another. 

In our General Needs service there is no 18 month limit. As long as you become a tenant at 25 years old or below, you can stay past the age of 25 and up to the age of 35. 

You can still be supported even if you are not living in one of our properties. Our Floating Support service is designed to support you with housing-related needs that are a barrier to finding settled accommodation or increase your risk of homelessness. 

For people who only need housing and do not need support, you can apply for General Needs Housing. This is done by requesting an application form to fill in and then return. We need to see proof of ID and you will need at least one reference.

Properties and Tenancies

The majority of our houses are within the East Marsh, Grimsby. There are a few properties in other areas such as the West Marsh and Heneage. 

In Supported Housing the majority of the furniture is supplied. In Shared Housing, all the bedroom and communal area furniture is provided. In a Family house we supply the cooker and the flooring. In a Flat we supply the flooring, washing machine, fridge-freezer and and cooker.

In a General Needs Family house or Flat we supply the flooring and the cooker. In Shared Housing we provide furniture for the communal areas but not the bedrooms. We can supply a bed on request. 

As a rule we do not house friends or siblings together on joint tenancies. On occasions people who know each other, or are related, have been housed on separate tenancies in shared accommodation but these are exceptions to the rule.  

Your rent is calculated weekly from the day you move in. It is your choice as to how frequently you pay it as long as you do not fall behind. You can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

In Supported Housing the rent is paid via Housing Benefit if you are not working or on a low income. If you are receiving Housing Benefit your rent will be paid directly to Doorstep on a monthly basis. In our Shared Housing you will pay a weekly top-up on your rent. In Flats and Family Housing your full rent is paid directly to Doorstep.

If you are on Universal Credit and receiving the Housing Element, this money is automatically paid to you and you are responsible for paying it to Doorstep. A request can be made to the DWP to ask if your rent can be paid directly to us. 

If you are working you will be fully or partly liable for your rent depending on how much you earn. Some tenants are eligible for housing top-ups if they are on a low income. 

We don’t allow pets such as cats or dogs in Supported Housing. On a case by case basis, we are open to allowing smaller animals such as hamsters or fish but only if agreed in advance by a Support or Housing Manager. We would not allow a cat or a dog in flat that has no outside access.  In our General Needs properties we will look individually at requests to keep animals.

Got a Question?

If you have a question that is not covered here, please get in touch and let us know.

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