I Need Help:


If you are a parent, carer or concerned adult
and need advice about a young person’s
housing options.


If you are a parent, carer or concerned adult and you need advice about a young person's housing options.

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Our drop-in is based at our Pasture Street centre in Grimsby and is accessible Monday to Friday, between 1pm and 4pm. 

We have support staff available every afternoon and you do not need to make an appointment. The drop-in centre can be busy, and we need to keep young people’s personal situations private, so please do not bring more people than is necessary to seek advice. 

Family Breakdown

Family breakdown is one of the leading causes of homelessness for young people but it doesn't need to be. Early advice and guidance can prevent a situation from becoming an emergency.

For 16 and 17 year olds

In order for us to house someone under 18 there would need to be a reason as to why they cannot live at home any longer. We would always seek to mediate but we know that in a lot of situations this is not possible. If a parent or guardian is no longer accepting responsibility for someone under 18, or a child has removed themselves for their own safety, the Families First Access Point will need to be notified who will assess if that child is owed a duty. 

Our services for young people under 18 are Supported Lodgings and our 24-hour supported accommodation at Cambridge Street, Cleethorpes. If someone is under 18 and expecting a baby we will assess for Family Housing.

Over 18 years old

For the majority of young people, home is the best place for them. We would advise that if a young person doesn’t need to move out, and doesn’t have the means to support themselves, staying at home until they are ready would be the best chance of successfully preparing for independence at a later date.

We welcome queries from young people and families who want to prepare for when the time comes. We can advise generally on housing options and and how to prepare via our drop-in. 

We cannot house anyone by request of the family or against their will

Doorstep is a charity and young people come to us because they have been made homeless, they no longer feel emotionally or physically safe at home or their living arrangement has broken down in some other way. 

It must be their decision to seek help and concerned individuals are welcome to encourage or support someone to the centre. We will speak with that young person alone if that is their wish.

Someone is Staying Temporarily

It could be that your own child has asked if a friend can stay for a few nights due to a family breakdown, or you have taken in a family member, and you’re unsure of what to do next. 

The sooner you get in touch the less risk there is of that young person becoming homeless. We will offer information, advice and guidance via our drop-in. If that young person is under 18 it may require a phone call to Families First Access Point.

If you are happy for that young person to stay with you, and they are under 19 years old (or 25 if they have additional needs), you can contact Young People’s Support Service (YPSS) for advice on any income they might be entitled to. We cannot offer advice on how this would affect you if you are also in receipt of benefits and would advise that you contact Citizen’s Advice for this.

My Child is Pregnant

If a young person in your family is expecting a child, early advice can prevent an emergency later on.

If they have support needs we will make a Gateway referral that will put them on our waiting list for Family Housing. When the time comes, around 6-7 months, we will start the next part of the application for housing. This will involve an assessment or interview where we can find out more about the support needed. If your child can not live at home during the pregnancy, they can be considered for our Shared Housing (if over 18), Supported Lodgings (if aged 16 to 21) or Cambridge Street

We also offer a Floating Support service to assist young people who want to explore the Private Sector or Home Choice Lincs.

Do you know someone who is homeless tonight?

Doorstep does not provide emergency accommodation so you will need to let the Homeless Team know as soon as possible if you think someone will be homeless tonight. They will decide if that person is in priority need for emergency housing. We can help via our Drop-In to make a Homeless application but we do not decide if someone is eligible for emergency housing. If your concern is for someone under 18 years old you will need to make a referral to the Families First Access Point.

Call 01472 326296 or come to our drop-in for support with this.
This applies if you are 16 or 17, if you are pregnant or have children, if you are a care leaver, if you have recently left prison, or if you have a mental health diagnosis or a physical/learning disability.
If the Homeless Team or Social Services have decided that you are a priority need, and can pay for you to access emergency housing, you will have a bed on a night-by-night basis until something more long-term is found. This could the at the YMCA, a bed and breakfast or the Crash Pad at Cambridge Street, Cleethorpes.
If you are rough sleeping you can call Harbour Place Day Centre on 01472 344118 (9am- 5pm) or the Home Options Team on 01472 326296.

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