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Information for professionals wishing to
make a referral or learn more about our


Information for professionals wishing to make a referral or learn more about our service.

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Who We Help

16 to 25 year olds

 Any 16 year old must have had their NI Number issued before we can house them. Anyone approaching 25 will have the support ended before they are 26.  

Local connection

A local connection to NE Lincolnshire means being born/raised here, lived here for 6+ months, have birth family here or have a permanent job in the area.

Housing needs

 Our support addresses housing needs and aims to reduce the risk of homelessness but we do not provide emergency accommodation. 

Emergency Accommodation

Doorstep does not provide emergency accommodation. If you are concerned about a vulnerable young person who has an immediate housing need, a referral to FFAP or the Homeless Team needs to be made.

Professionals who ring us in an emergency can receive advice and guidance on what to do if an immediate housing or homelessness situation presents. We can assist in making the necessary referrals if the lead agency or professional is unfamiliar with the process. Some agencies have a statutory duty to refer and in these instances we would signpost you to FFAP or the Homeless Team.

Professionals can complete Homeless Prevention form via North East Lincolnshire Council’s website.  This would primarily be for anyone over the age of 18. The Homeless Team will decide if someone is in priority need for emergency housing. For longer-term options a referral via the Gateway  will need to be made to apply for Supported Housing. If someone is under 18, a referral to the Families First Access Point will need to be made.

For access to the emergency bed (Crash Pad) at our 24-hour supported accommodation in Cleethorpes, a referral is made directly to them. The Crash Pad has a set cost per night and can house a young person for up to a week or longer dependent on circumstances. A professional agency will need to be responsible for the cost and enquiries can be made via Doorstep or directly with Cambridge Street on 01472 291 826.

Making a Referral

If you are working with a young person or young family that needs Housing Related Support you can signpost them to our Drop-In or complete a Gateway referral.

A referral in to housing related support cannot be made without a National Insurance Number. If the person you are making the referral for has lost their number they can request a copy here.

The Gateway keep a record of the empty spaces across the supported housing providers within North East Lincolnshire. When they receive a referral they match it to the relevant provider who has a space. Once we receive the referral, we contact the young person and ask them to come in for an assessment.

To complete the assessment we need to retrieve references from other professionals who might be involved. In many cases we cannot offer housing without the supporting information. Once the references have been received we can then allocate the space.

For more information on our processes please see our Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know someone who is homeless tonight?

Doorstep does not provide emergency accommodation so you will need to let the Homeless Team know as soon as possible if you think someone will be homeless tonight. They will decide if that person is in priority need for emergency housing. We can help via our Drop-In to make a Homeless application but we do not decide if someone is eligible for emergency housing. If your concern is for someone under 18 years old you will need to make a referral to the Families First Access Point.

Call 01472 326296 or come to our drop-in for support with this.
This applies if you are 16 or 17, if you are pregnant or have children, if you are a care leaver, if you have recently left prison, or if you have a mental health diagnosis or a physical/learning disability.
If the Homeless Team or Social Services have decided that you are a priority need, and can pay for you to access emergency housing, you will have a bed on a night-by-night basis until something more long-term is found. This could the at the YMCA, a bed and breakfast or the Crash Pad at Cambridge Street, Cleethorpes.
If you are rough sleeping you can call Harbour Place Day Centre on 01472 344118 (9am- 5pm) or the Home Options Team on 01472 326296.

Professionals can refer to the North East Lincolnshire Homeless Team by using their online referral form.

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