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If you are 16 to 25 years old and are experiencing homelessness in North East Lincolnshire, read our guide on how to get the help you need.


If you are 16 to 25 years old and are experiencing homelessness in North East Lincolnshire, read our guide on how to get the help you need.

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Sofa Surfing?

If you're switching between friends or family every few nights and have nowhere safe or secure to stay, you're classed as homeless.

Many young people sofa surf between family and friends until they suddenly find they have nowhere to stay that night. Don’t leave it too late to get help. 

If you have been asked to leave your home or place of stay and are at risk of homelessness within the next few days or weeks, you need to notify the Homeless Team, a trusted adult or contact Doorstep as soon as you can.

Are you or someone you know, homeless tonight?

Doorstep does not provide emergency accommodation so you will need to let the Homeless Team know as soon as possible if you have nowhere to stay tonight. They will decide if you are in priority need for emergency housing. We can help you to make a Homeless application but we do not decide if you are eligible for emergency housing. If you are under 18 years old you will be referred to the Children’s Front Door.

This applies if you are 16 or 17, if you are pregnant or have children, if you are a care leaver, if you have recently left prison, or if you have a mental health diagnosis or a physical/learning disability.
If the Homeless Team or Social Services have decided that you are a priority need, and can pay for you to access emergency housing, you will have a bed on a night-by-night basis until something more long-term is found. 
If you are rough sleeping you can call Harbour Place Day Centre on 01472 344118 (9am- 5pm) or the Home Options Team on 01472 326296.

You can now make your own referral to the North East Lincolnshire Homeless Team by using their online referral form. If you need support with this then give us a call. If you already have another professional helping you, ask them to make the referral for you.

Do you know your NI Number?

Without your National Insurance Number, we cannot complete your application for housing. If you have lost yours, you can apply for a new one through GOV.UK. You will need your Birth Certificate and access to a printer.

Under 18 Years Old

At 16 or 17 years old you will not be able to rent your own property with Doorstep unless you are applying for Family Housing.

All 16 and 17 year olds who are homeless or at risk of homelessness will be referred to Children’s Front Door (Children’s Services). You are entitled to help and support and a Child in Need Assessment will be carried out by a social worker to decide what happens next.

If you become homeless at this age and need an emergency bed for the night, Children’s Front Door will be notified. They will try to find out if you are at risk by returning home or establish if your family are saying you can no longer live there. Their priority will be to prevent you being homeless which could include mediating between you and your family

Expecting a Child

When we have a house available, and you are on our waiting list, we will ask you to come in for an assessment so we can find out more about you and the support you need.

If you are not working, the financial support for housing that you will receive will only cover the cost of a single, job-seeking person until you are 29 weeks pregnant. This is not enough entitlement to afford one of our Supported Family houses which is why we don’t offer this until you have your full housing costs and personal income awarded. We can start working with you before this point through our Floating Support.

For some single people the option of living in a shared house for part of the pregnancy is a suitable solution and you may be offered this instead. There may also be the option of our 24-hour supported, communal house in Cambridge Street or a Supported Lodgings environment.

If you’re confused about what you should be doing, how and when, you can self-refer to our Floating Support service or ask another professional to make a referral for you. Our guidance and advice can prepare you on what to expect and look at any barriers there may be to you finding secure accommodation

Landlord Issues

Doorstep can still offer advice and guidance even if you are renting privately.

If you are renting privately and are having issues with your landlord or you are facing eviction, we can still help. Our Floating Support service is designed to help young people wherever you are living.

You can also speak with the Home Options Team at the local council who have a team that specifically provide advice and guidance for tenants and landlords in the Private Sector.

Private Renting – North East Lincolnshire Council

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