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Practical and emotional support, wherever you are living. 


Practical and emotional support, wherever you are living.

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Support wherever you are

Floating Support is practical and emotional support for young people aged 16 to 25 years old who are experiencing a housing problem. 

The support is flexible and can last as long as you need it, up to 2 years. It aims to prevent homelessness, develop confidence and skills as well guide you through independence.

Ask for Help

Any young person with a local connection to North East Lincolnshire can make a self-referral to Doorstep for Floating Support.

Asking for help before things become an emergency is one of the surest ways to avoid a homelessness situation. If you are struggling in your own accommodation and need some support in maintaining it, then you can come to our Drop-In and ask about Floating Support. 

For some it is not about an emergency but about overcoming the barriers to finding stable, rented accommodation. A Floating Support worker can look at any obstacles you have in securing somewhere to live and develop a plan to help you reach your goal. 

If you have been asked to leave your home or place of stay and are at risk of homelessness within the next few days or weeks, you need to notify the Homeless Team, a trusted adult or contact Doorstep as soon as you can. 

Grimsby College Outreach

Our Floating Support workers attend Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education on a monthly basis during term-time. To find them, look for their stand in the main reception near the food hall. They can give advice and guidance on housing related questions or agree to meet with you if you need a more in-depth level of support.

Professional Referral

Professionals can make referrals for housing related support via the Gateway.

If you are working with someone who is experiencing housing issues, you can refer to Doorstep via the Gateway for a Floating Support service.  For more information on this, read our guide on how to make a referral. 

Floating Support is not a befriending or counselling service and does not provide daily support for domestic tasks. If you’re unsure that Floating Support is the right service to refer to, please contact us for advice. 

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