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We provide emergency food and basic toiletries for young people in need within North East Lincolnshire.

WHAT WE DO: Food Bank

We provide emergency food and basic toiletries for young people in need within North East Lincolnshire.

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COVID-19 Response

Until further notice we are only able to provide food parcels for young people that we are already working with. The local community has several other resources for food. Please visit our Resources page for further information on how to get help. 

Food Poverty

The Department of Health defines food poverty as ‘The inability to afford, or to have access to, food to make up a healthy diet.’

Young people experience food poverty due to economic reasons or sudden changes in their circumstances, like homelessness. Driving factors of debt, low wages, benefit delays and sanctions or lack of money skills make younger people a vulnerable group when it comes to affording a balanced diet.

Doorstep runs the only food bank in the region that specifically helps 16 to 25 year olds in times of crisis. We are seeing a large and steady increase in food poverty amongst this age group and an increase in the amount of external referrals we receive from other agencies.

Young people often come to us due to family breakdown; this means they usually have not started to become financially independent. If they are in need of financial support it can take 5-6 weeks before any funds are available, leaving a lot of young people without food or basic toiletries.


Requesting a Parcel

Our Food Bank operates through our Drop-In and parcels can be collected between 1pm and 4pm. Doorstep clients can request a parcel through their Support Worker.

Our food bank is for young people who are experiencing housing-related hardship and have found themselves unable to afford basic food items. This could be because:

  • You have been kicked out of your family home
  • You are sofa surfing
  • You are in emergency accommodation
  • You are in financial hardship due to paying back rent arrears
  • You have extra costs due to moving home

If you are not a Doorstep client, and you are receiving support from another agency, your key worker will need to refer you for a parcel. If you are not involved with any agencies you can self-refer to via our drop-in and we will ask you some questions about your situation.

It can help to call in advance or you can send an email/Facebook message, telling us your name and reason for needing a parcel. We monitor the reasons people are experiencing food poverty to help build a picture of the demand. 

The number of parcels you can have is limited depending on the frequency and reasons for needing one; we look at each case individually and assess whether or not to refer you to another food bank. If we cannot help you then we will refer or signpost you to another service that can. 


Donations we receive from the community ensure that we are able to help young people who suddenly find themselves in need of accommodation or without the funds to support themselves.

Whilst we have a Client Support fund to help our own clients we are fast becoming the main hub of support for all young people across the county. This rise in demand against a decrease in donations means that we may struggle to help as many young people as we want to. That’s why donations from the local community are vital to the support we give.

If you are able to donate as an individual or as a community or workplace, we would be extremely grateful. We are able to accept donations during our office hours of 9am-5pm and in some circumstances we can arrange a collection. 

Please use the list below as a guide to what we can and cannot accept.

For any other types of donations visit our Support Us page.

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