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General Needs

Shared housing, flats and family housing for those who do not need support. 


Shared housing, flats and family housing those who do not need additional tenancy support.

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General Needs Housing

General Needs is the term given to housing that is for the general person- someone who does not have any additional housing support needs.

Within our service we have shared houses, flats and family houses for young people who do not need any additional help in managing a tenancy or developing their independence. For some of our tenants, this service provides a move-on opportunity once they have gained the skills they need in supported housing.

We do recognise that everyone needs help sometimes and in those instances we can provide a Floating Support worker to assist you in getting to where you need to be. This might be help with applying for college or jobs, organising your budget or even moving on to other accommodation. 

Who can apply

To be eligible you must be between 16 and 25 years old. Unlike Supported Housing, in General Needs you can stay for longer than 2 years and past the age of 25.

As these properties do not come with support, you would be expected to have a good level of independence in order to be accepted. We ask for two references from a professional person such as a previous landlord, employer or tutor. If you cannot provide these it will delay your application and we will work with you in finding a suitable solution.

General Support Needs

As a General Needs tenant we would expect you to be independent in the following areas with only a minimal need for support, as and when different situations arise:

  • Managing a tenancy
  • Finding or staying in employment
  • Making and attending appointments
  • Dealing with the DWP/Job Centre
  • Managing personal finances
  • Recognising when you need help

We do not allow smoking in these properties but we can allow pets on a case-by-case basis in the Family houses. We do not ask for deposits but we do expect the first week of rent when you sign-up.

To apply for General Needs housing, please visit the Drop-In and ask for an application form.

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